Ultrascape Flowpoint SMOOTH Natural Grey or *Charcoal 25Kg

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Flowpoint Smooth is a fast set, slurry grout which quickly fills the joints in patios, pavers and terraces – which also prevents weeds from growing between slabs.

Easy to use, with a set time of as little as 15 minutes (at temperatures of 20oC), Flowpoint Smooth is ready to be cleaned off after 30 minutes and walked on in just one hour. When applied correctly, this paving grout can last beyond 40 years without needing to regrout.

Perfect for both domestic and commercial paving projects, Flowpoint can be used with all types of manufactured and natural stone – including slate, sandstone, porcelain, limestone, Indian stone, plus concrete, clay pavers and granite setts.

Flowpoint is available in either natural grey and charcoal, any questions please don’t hesitate to call us ☎️0845 862 1099



What is Ultrascape Flowpoint SMOOTH Paving Grout?

Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth Paving Grout is a fine grain, flowable slurry grout ideal for pointing joints narrow joints from 3mm’s in patios and all types of paving slabs. Flowpoint Smooth can be used on all types of manmade flags, concrete slabs, granite setts and natural stone. This smooth slurry paving grout is ideally suited to porcelain or modern tiles where a narrow joint or finer finish is usually required. Flowpoint Smooth complies with BS 7533, and has a long life time – of more than 20 years!!

Flowpoint Smooth pointing grout mixes quickly on site with water, it is really easy to use and has an initial set time of just 15 minutes. One great benefit for those wishing to point their patio’s quickly and have it last, is that it also stops weeds and can be used in light rain! Each 25kg bag covers approximately 7-10sq m of paving.

Technical Information:

  • Flowpoint Smooth is available in Charcoal & Natural Grey
  • Ideal for Porcelain, Granite setts, Sandstone, Limestone, Indian Stone, Yorkstone, manmade & concrete slabs
  • Can fill joints from 3mm – 50mm wide, with a minimum depth of 20mm, up to 200mm in one application!
  • Open to foot traffic in 1 hour
  • Open to cars in 4 hours
  • Rapid setting with exceptional bond strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Mixes quickly on-site with water in a bucket – one bag at a time
  • Initial set after 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Cool temperatures retard, warm temperatures accelerate product performance
  • No ideal for using in direct sunlight as product will go off rapidly
  • Economical to use
  • Mix and use one bag at a time
  • Conforms to British Standard – BS 7533
  • Ideal for large commercial and domestic paving projects

What types of paving slabs can Flowpoint Smooth be used on?

Flowpoint flowable grout can be used with pavers and slabs – where you ideally need a narrow joint, such as:

  • Porcelain
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Granite setts (we recommend Standard Grade)
  • Concrete & manmade slabs
  • Clay pavers
  • Plus, any other man-made or natural stone, regardless of their finish

Please note: We don’t recommend Flowpoint Smooth on some darker limestones, such as black limestone, as it can lead to a slight oxidisation. Call our expert team if you would like further information ☎️0845 862 1099

How do I mix Flowpoint Smooth?

  1. Thoroughly clean the paving slab surfaces and joints so they are free from debris and any ponded water
  2. Pre-soak the patio slabs, joints and surfaces with water to ensure they are damp – a light spray of water is enough, they don’t need to be soaked
  3. Pour 4.25 litres of water into a bucket and add the Flowpoint powder (there is a handy valve on the top of the bag so you don’t spill the powder everywhere)
  4. Mix for 3–5 minutes, with a force action mixer until the consistency is smooth and free of clumps
  5. Ensure the area is still damp before pouring across the slabs, apply the mixture immediately by carefully forcing Flowpoint into the joints using a rubber squeegee. Flowpoint can set within as little as 15 minutes (at temperatures of 20oC) so you will need to act fast
  6. Move the Flowpoint slurry grout constantly across the patio surface to fill-up joints where the mortar has sunk
  7. Use the rubber squeegee to remove as much of the paving grout from the surface of the slabs – still keep the surfaces constantly damp to prevent the grout from hardening
  8. Using a bristle brush & a plenty of water, remove any grout that has hardened on the paving surfaces
  9. Once the mortar is dry (after approximately 30 minutes, dependant on temperature), clean the surface of paving slabs thoroughly to remove any mortar patches and prevent staining
  10. The patio is ready to walk on after just one hour and can receive car traffic after four hours

To ensure Flowpoint Smooth doesn’t stain ensure that you follow the instructions!

When applying Flowpoint, you should avoid using excessive amounts of water during the mixing and laying process – doing so can increase the risk of efflorescence, as too much water can drag the salts & minerals up through the mortar bed, please ensure you thoroughly follow the mixing instructions. The key is to use a light misting of water to keep your slabs damp, never spray a hose or pressure washer directly into the paving joints while applying the grout. Instead, spray the water on the paving surfaces to clean them. On your final wash off you can then use more water, you’ll be looking for all of the cement residue to have washed away leaving clear water running off your new patio!

For more information or to place an order (if you prefer to speak to someone) call ☎️ 0845 862 1099

*Please note: Charcoal is made to order, but we generally keep a pallet in stock!

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